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About Saplings

Operating with an administrative Principal Teacher, there are six class Teachers, twenty Special Needs Assistants, a part time Occupational Therapist and a Behaviour Consultant.

Saplings School Mullingar is a child centred evidenced based school, whose aim is to provide an optimal education for students with Autism and additional complex needs .

There are currently thirty six pupils enrolled at our school. The pupils who attend our school have a primary diagnosis on the Autism and additional complex needs. We teach pupils from the age of four to eighteen. Since February 2006, six of our students have fully integrated into mainstream school.

In our school we endeavour to create a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility among staff and students, and with families and communities.

At the very heart of our school is the students’wellbeing. Our core values focus on developing strong positive relationships with our students and their families, in which all feel understood, cared for and respected.

The educational goals and curriculum objectives that are selected focus on developing skills that will are vital to the pupils’ life during their school years and beyond.

Classroom practice is continuously reviewed in the context of ensuring that the pupil is developing according to the values promoted by the school and measurement of teaching effectiveness and programmes is a primary feature in the delivery of education to each student.

We look at the student in a holistic manner and are very focused on the ensuring a multidisciplinary approach we working closely with Speech and Language therapists , Occupational Therapists , Music Therapists, Medical and Nursing Personnel and Behaviour Specialists to ensure all the needs of the children are met.